Avatar (2009)

There is so much delay in writing about anything ever since I got into the night graveyard shifts and things have not been with me since the aides of August this year. Here I am, could not contain myself anymore. After over a year of its release, I am writing this fresh after watching the movie James Cameron’s “Avatar” for the first time (which I regretted all these days and at last). Without the 3D and the theatrical surroundings and a dark room, the movie may not be best experienced. I felt a lot of things being interlaced on this movie which we (humans, yeah) rather lack and which could have been left by the director to be felt.

The story’s kind of intriguing, humans are trying to get over a planet full of humanoids, no, The People, Na’avians. Like any other viewer, I got dumbstruck by the stroke of imagination which could have led to such a movie which has not fathomed to any director ever (I am out of words !). I am going to talk about the undertones I felt throughout the movie. Unlike most of us, the natives of the planet Pandora, respect their homeland, the planet. The villain of the movie is the big fat greediness which has been paid up in full by the natives in the end.

Everything in their planet is interconnected with something magical (electrochemical links, like in our brains) just like ours. They respect the Great mother tree (seemingly biggest tree on the planet) which provides shelter to all their lives and the magic connection is between even the animals that they have with us (I almost felt like being one of them, this was both accidental and deliberate).

I felt most of the animal creations and plants in the movie were inspired by the earthly ones, esp the ones which looked like giant rhinoceros with plate-like eyes like in hammerhead sharks. The world looked irresistible with detail provided to flora and fauna in every scene, esp the hanging mountains (inspired from hanging gardens, perhaps ?) and glued me to the Pandora world, I even felt sorry to have come back to the end credits and towards a black screen with gloominess around me. I wish such forests could grow up covering all world and become a hunter like the protagonists.

I guess I loved a lot of quotes which have significant meaning to the story to the protagonist’s life and to the story. One of them says, “The aliens went back to their dying world.” referring to the humans.

“She said all energy is only borrowed, and one day you have to give it back.”. This AVATAR movie quote sums up how different the view of the Na’vi is from that of the humans, who only wish to take from the environment rather than care for it. This was a remark from a movie enthusiast on the quote.

What impressed me is the amazing things interfaced between the epic story. I am going to watch the movie again shortly, this is one of the best-made movies I have ever seen and will definitely watch on regular intervals. This movie will be an inspiration to somebody for sure on their outlook on life and their homes, the planet.