Vinnaithaandi varuvaayaa (2010)

Thanks to Arul for getting me to see the movie on the 2nd day of its release (which is pretty new for me, not much of a movie goer myself). The music and the tracks with lyrics had raised my expectations to a higher level. All the songs worth mention, they have been done well. Protagonists Simbhu(Karthik) and Trisha(Jesse) have done a commendable role. The film starts with male protagonist describing how his love failed and being at a church where his love is getting married. Simbhu reminds me of the protagonist in “My Sassy Girl” with calmness and composure in his emotions and charms with a really new look. Same is not with Trisha because it is told the character is a bit older. The first half goes off like a breeze. Some of the scenes might seem overdone such as the ones on the train journey and the elusive kiss scenes. Dialogue, lighting and the locations at Kerala and Europe deserves mention, they are picturesque. Simbhu stalks the heroine with full of love and lust all movie long, all he gets is an unsatisfactory reply. Also, the talk reminds us of Maniratnam’s movies and Simbhu kinda imitates Kamalhassan. Trisha’s emotions were quite apt for a confused youngster, the makeup and costumes should have been given attention. There’s too much talking in the movie. The cameraman character played by Ganesh provides some comic relief along with Simbhu and them fair well in the Police station scene. The film follows the same old routine of love at first sight, proposal and usual girl’s father protests, inter-religion marriage problems and so on. While we thought “so far, so good” in the first half, the second half turns gloomy with much of expected twists and turns like there is a breakup, leaving to a seemingly expected climax. While the hero is torn between love and a career as a filmmaker, he expresses his situation to the protagonist but after several mix-ups, twists, it seems that their love is gone forever. The scene when they meet in the US is worth mentioning. Quite a disappointing climax for a normal moviegoer, but like all Gautam’s movies, it’s different. The movie’s length could have been cut shorter, it’s much more than normal 150 minutes. The film will fare well between love couples as it’s much nearer to reality.

3 Replies to “Vinnaithaandi varuvaayaa (2010)”

  1. Sorry siva

    1. I have not seen the movie yet
    2. I have not seen any movie of Simbhu yet & dont like too , he is not fit to be a human being at all
    3. Thrisha, I dont have a good idea about thrisha & I hate her acting

    4. I have planned not to see the movie

    5. WIll comment if anything goes wrong & I see it

    take it easy

    1. Hi Siva,

      I like to take back my previous comment,

      Do you know why?

      Yes, I have witnessed the film,

      to my surprise the screen play & direction was awesome,

      really it is a proof that if the leader is capable he can lead even his weak team to heights,

      really a gr8 film & no words to say about the backgroung score, it is awesome,

      Last but not the least, the camera has played a big role in the film,

      guys see this film in a good theatre with good sound system, you will really enjoy it.

  2. I cudn wait to watch VTV.. for its picturesqueness alone.. 🙂
    Meanwhile Review sounds like a genuine critic view.. 🙂
    Keep it up..

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